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About Camilla Streeter: Your Virtual Chef

Camilla Streeter: Your Virtual Chef

Camilla has worked as a professional Chef for over twenty five years. After training in Tasmania—and winning Apprentice of the Year in 1994—she worked her way up the east coast of Australia from Melbourne to the Sunshine Coast, increasing her knowledge of food in a variety of establishments from fine dining restaurants to casual cafés including the Sheraton Noosa Resort, Marchetti’s Tuscan Grill, and Zest in Food.

Since 1997 she has traveled the world, living and working in London and Edinburgh in the U.K., Florence in Italy, and Chicago in the United States. Her CV includes stints in Terence Conran’s Great Eastern Hotel in London (now called Andaz) as well as Campagnola and Union Pizzeria in Chicago and lastly, Berta in Alberta St, Sydney.

From 2005 she has taught private cooking classes and wine-pairing evenings in clients’ homes in Chicago, Florence, and Sydney.

In 2008, Camilla was owner and operator with Brett Deverall at Sydney Corporate Catering and then in 2009 they opened Sydney Cooking School where she worked until 2018.




Cooking was My 1st Love

The Covid-19 global pandemic has decimated my thriving massage business.  But it's given me the opportunity to go back to my first love, Cooking!

For me, CB Wellness has always been about Mind, Body & Soul.  While I can't massage and heal people's bodies, I hope I can help with mental health by relieving some of the boredom of social isolation & bring people together.

I like to focus on healthy meals, to fuel your body & the occasional treat is good for your soul - right? 

Restaurants are Closed, but we can Have Great Food

Restaurant meals are a way to celebrate and connect with people that are important in our lives.  With the Covid-19 crisis we need to change the way we celebrate & connect with people we care about.

A cooking class resulting in a home cooked meal is a fantastic way to celebrate and connect.

It's also a time when many of us need to cook, cost effective meals that all the family can enjoy. 

Let's Face it, I'm an Extrovert

Extroverts, like me, may struggle mentally with the self-isolation forced upon us all with Covid-19.  For me, keeping busy and connected to people is really important for my mental health. 

Hopefully, I can make some new connections & have some fun along the way too.  We all might as well make the most of a difficult time.

I hope you enjoy the time in my classes and the food you make.  Or the food I deliver to your home (Only available in Sydney's North Shore).